Sodium Tolytriazole,TTA-NA,TTA-S

Item Code: Features:CAS No:64665-57-2
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1.Brief Description
1) Chemical Name:Tolytriazole Sodium Salt(liquid)(content 47-53%)
2) Formula:C7H6N3Na
3) MW:155.13
4) CAS No:64665-57-2

It is non-toxic,non-explosive materials,soluble in water,chloroform,benzene,toluene and other organic solvents,with a lower alcohol, ethylene glycol miscible in any proportion.


Item    Specification
Appearance Clear, Yellow to red Brown Solution
Purity    ≥49.5-51.0%
Chlorinity    100(ppm)
Free alkali    ≤0.5%
PH value of 10% solution(20℃)    11.5-12.0
Density(20℃)    1.186-1.196g/cm3

Antirust and corrosion inhibitor,anti-fading for metal product,antiseptic and anticoagulant agent,anti-fogging for photograph, ultraviolet absorbent, anti-freezing agent, cycling cooling water treatment.

5.Package:200-250kg/plastic drum,1200kg/IBC.

6.Storage:Storage in room shady and dry place.

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