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       Nanjing XiangShengTai Indutry Co., Ltd. is one of the leading trading companies in chemical line. We in Jiangsu province for the puify and sales of GMA(glycidyl methacrylate),OTD, MTD, tolyltriazole(TTA),1,2,3-benzotriazole( BTA).Annual production for these 5 products are over 20,000 tons.

      Our other products are involved in the fields of Organic intermediates, Water treatment chemicals, PU  raw materials, Pigments and Food additives.

      Our team has been in the businesses of these fields for more than 15 years, and we  have grown up to 

a  well known professional chemicalmanufacturing and trading 

company in China.


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CAS No.: 29385-43-1

CAS NO.: 95-14-7
MTD,MTDA,Meta Toluenediamine

CAS NO.:25376-45-8