OTD,OTDA,Ortho Toluenediamine

1.Brief Description
1)Chemical Name:OTD,OTDA,Ortho Toluenediamine
2)UN NO.:3077
3)Normalized Isomer ration:
    3,4-Toluenediamine  CAS:496-72-0    60%
    2,3-Toluenediamine  CAS:2687-25-4  40%
4)Molecular formula:C7H10N2
5)Molecular Weight:122

It is light grey solid and very unstable at normal temperature so that its color can change quickly.Ignition point:62.78C, flash point:157.22C, spontaneous: 540C.
It is soluble in water, benzene, chloroform, ethyl acetate and alcoho,etc. It has irritated feel to skin.


Item Specification
Appearance light gyey
Purity (%) 99.5
Melting point(C) 60 -62
Moisture(%) 0.20
Density(24C) 1.05
PH 11.5-12.0

It is used as chemical intermediate in order to corrosion inhibitor tolyltriazole, antioxidant MMB etc.OTD as a polyether initiator made the polyether.The foam being made of this polyether have uniformity,meticulous properties,and no contraction.It can improve the foams performance of heat insulation and its the measurement of low-temperature performance.Besides,polyether which is made of OTD have better compatibility with cyclopentane.
It can substitute for o-phenylenediamine,and can be used many other fields such as epoxy resin curing, inimer formed,cross-linked of polymer.

5.Package:200 kgs/drum, as customer's required.

6.Storage:Stored in draughty, dry place. Do not put it together.

Product Name:
OTD,OTDA,Ortho Toluenediamine