MTD,MTDA,Meta Toluenediamine

1.Brief Description
1).Chemical Name:Meta toluenediamine
2).Purity:99.0 % min
3).CAS NO.:25376-45-8
4).Normalized Isomer ration:2.4–toluenediamine,CAS NO.:95-80-7,79-81%
                                         2.6–toluenediamine,CAS NO.:823-40-5,19-21%
5).Empirical formula:C7H10N2
6).Molecular weight:122.17

Physical appearance:Light yellow solid. (Deep violet or black upon extended storage or when exposed to air; for  shipping and transfer, the product is often in a heated molten state .)

Odor: Ammoniacal; Density : 64.925 lb/ft3 (1.04 g/cm3) at 70 °F (21 °C);Melting range: 88°C-96°C;Boiling point at 760 mm Hg: 283°C;

Vapor pressure:<1mm Hg at 100°C;Flash point:140 °C;Autoignition temperature:842 °F(450°C);solubility:soluble in  water, ethanol, aether.


Item Specification
Purit (%) ≥99.0
Ortho isomer(%) ≤0.5
Moisture(%) ≤0.05
DNT (%) ≤0.01
2.4-/2.6- 80±1/20±1

It mainly used for the raw materials of TDI and polyether initiator. TDA as a polyether initiator made the polyether, The foam being made of this polyether have uniformity and meticulous properties, and can improve the foam’s performance of heat insulation and it’s the measurement of low-temperature performance.

It is used as chemical intermediate in order to epoxy resin curing agent, dye intermediates.

Synthesis of dimethylthiotoluenediamine DMTDA and diethyl toluene diamine DETDA

6.Storage:Stored in cool and airy warehouse, keep away from fire and heat, and out of direct sunlight.

Product Name:
MTD,MTDA,Meta Toluenediamine

CAS NO.:25376-45-8